Ways to Help

Here are a few ways you can help the Museum and Archives…

Donations from museum visitors and alumni allow the museum staff to fund projects outside the scope of our regular budget. Below is an example of how donations can help us improve and enrich both our exhibitions and our museum visitors’ experiences:


Henry McShane Bell
Cast 1883, Baltimore, MD

The McShane bell was probably removed from its tower when the old Dining Hall was demolished in the late 1950s; its whereabouts between then and 2009 are unknown. Museum staff rediscovered the bell in a farm outbuilding in 2009 (along with the Van Duzen & Tift bell currently in our Ligon Gallery), and taken to the archives in the Cobb Center for storage where it resides today.

Though the wheel still works, and we believe the clapper is undamaged, its ornate, A-frame cast iron mounting legs are missing.

McShane Foundry, the company that cast this bell in Baltimore, Maryland, is still in business, 157 years after they first opened and 130 years after they made our bell. They can fit it out with a new pair of legs very similar to those lost between 1958 and 2009. That would allow us to mount it outside Dunn Cottage, and offer visitors the experience of hearing one of the bells that rang throughout our campus for the first time in more than fifty years.