Donations to the Collection

We offer the following guidelines for donors wishing to donate materials to our collection.

What the SMLMA (Sallie Mae Ligon Museum & Archives) collects

Long before the age of organized state child services agencies in the late 1950s,.the staff of our Home began amassing a collection of photographs, documents, correspondence, and objects that are both unique artifacts of each child’s life history here, and primary historical sources of residential child care from the 19th to the 21st century.

Relevance to our collections: We accept only those items that relate directly to the history of life at Oxford, and to the adults and children who made it their home.

Unrestricted gifts

All donations must come to the museum free of restrictions. Once a Deed of Gift is signed, all rights and interests are transferred to SMLMA, and the gift cannot be returned to the donor. Please consult with all interested parties and family members before making a donation to us.

Providing context for your gift

Providing the museum with any details known about the connection between this gift and the Home makes the gift more valuable. Context enriches our understanding of the object, increases our ability to share it knowledgeably with our visitors, and informs our collections as a whole. Any information shared by the donor about a gift will be permanently recorded in the museum’s archival records.

Items should be in stable condition and should not require conservation.

The curator will make a determination regarding the accession or non-accession of each proffered gift; museum staff will contact every potential donor to follow up on the offer of any gift to the museum and archives.

You may contact the curator by phone, at 919.603.3904, by email, or by mail, at:
Sallie Mae Ligon Museum & Archives
600 College Street
Oxford, NC 27565